Liza Rivera Salta - Creator

Wish I could see your face.  I’m Liza, the creator of Face Factor™; a party game where players act out different scenarios using only their head and facial expressions.  

My story?  Face Factor™ oddly came to me in a lucid dream one morning in
January, 2019. I awoke and immediately typed the concept and most of the scenarios on my laptop before it could disappear from my mind.

I committed to transforming this game idea into a product and was determined to have it manufactured in the U.S. I researched the face, expressions, psychology and human emotions. A true grassroots effort, my son created the logo and a prototype was printed, play-tested and refined. The game can be played in person or online. Face Factor™ is now available on Amazon and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

“My love of games and COVID quarantine inspired me to create an experience that will bring laughter and joy to others in person or online…one face at a time!”

- Liza Rivera Salta 

I always loved the saying “Follow your bliss.” It sums up my career choices which have not always been the easiest but certainly the most fulfilling. I have used my  international business and finance background to work in the entertainment industry including: music, video games, acting, developed an iPhone app and was an executive producer of the Dance It Out television show on Lifetime.

I'm now committed to sharing Face Factor™ to offer much needed human connection and enjoyment: hopefully coming to a face near you!

Liza holds an M.B.A. in International Business and a B.S. in Finance with a minor in the Arts from Fordham University.

Erica Lorenzetti - Marketing & Media Design Intern

I’m Erica! I get the word out about Face Factor™ and create the graphics you see online!  As an actor/singer based in the NYC metro area, I’ve done everything from stage to film- with a bit of voice-over in the mix!

I especially enjoy being creative while supporting the artistic endeavors of others. Creativity is something to be honored and I leap at the chance to promote someone else’s hard work. As a proud supporter of small artists and Kickstarters, it will come as no surprise that my pantry has turned into a board game closet over the years. You’ll find everything from silly party games to a few tabletop strategy games!

Unrelated- I’m not the werewolf. Stop asking.

You learn quite a bit about marketability in the acting business. I thought that skill (plus my penchant for games) would be a boon if applied to other industries. 

Enter : Face Factor™.  I’m so excited to be a part of this team and creative journey!


Erica holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Theater from the University at Albany

Kaylah Christie-Social Media Marketing Intern

I’m Kaylah, the face behind the social media posts. I have been a stay at home mom for five years. With my husband in the Navy and three littles, life has been anything but slow these past few years. However, with much determination I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. I am really excited to be beginning my career in Social Media Marketing as an intern for Face Factor ™.

As someone who owns an entire closet of games, I am thrilled that Liza took me on to be a part of the team!  Aside from writing, social media, and games; I love hiking, traveling, adventures with the family and everything Disney.


Kaylah holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Business Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

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