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A Fun Game For People Who Have A Face.

You Bring The Face, We Bring The Fun!

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 wish I could   see your face

Hi Ellen,


I’m Liza, the creator of Face Factor; a fun game for people who have a face!  In Face Factor™,  players act out different scenarios using only  facial expressions.


I've been a fan of you and your show forever and also enjoy watching Game Night with The Hamiltons! I would love to send you a Face Factor™ game to play with your fun crew!  The game is easily played online with friends too.


My story...  Face Factor oddly came to me in a lucid dream one morning in January, 2019. I awoke and immediately typed up the concept and content before it could disappear from my mind. I never created a party game but committed to transforming it into a product and have it manufactured in the U.S.


I researched the face, expressions, psychology and human emotions, obtained feedback on the name and my son created the logo and video ad on this page.  I designed a prototype that was play-tested and refined. With no prior experience, my launch pad was fraught with hiccups, fizzles and false starts. When COVID-19 hit, 2020 saw a spike in board game development along with a scarcity of resources making finding a U.S. manufacturer a huge challenge. But, after months I found a US manufacturer for my game now scheduled for a December 2020 release!


My goal is transforming this dream-inspired game into a reality to ultimately bring much needed laughter and joy to others one face at a time!  

Thank you for your time and considering my offer to send you a Face Factor™ game to play!

Please stay safe and sane during these crazy times!

A most sincere face and warmest regards,


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