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A Fun Game For People Who Have A Face.

You Bring The Face, We Bring The Fun!

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Video Production, Music & VO: Tom Salta, TJ Salta, Tyler Salta, E. Lorenzetti and C. Frost.

    wish I could   
   see your face

Hi, I’m Liza, the creator of Face Factor®; a fun game for people who have a face!  In Face Factor®,  players read aloud 3 different scenarios and act out 1 using only  facial expressions while others try to guess which scenario they are acting out. The game is also easily played online with your fun crew!

Our story?  Face Factor® oddly came to me in a lucid dream one morning in January, 2019. I awoke an immediately typed the concept and most of the scenarios on my laptop before it could disappear from my mind. I committed to transforming this game idea into a product and was determined to have it manufactured in the U.S. I researched the face, expressions, psychology and human emotions. A true grassroots effort, my son created the logo and a prototype was printed, play-tested and refined. The game can be played in person or online. Face Factor® is now available on Amazon and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

My love of games and COVID quarantine inspired me to create an experience that will bring laughter and joy to others in person or online…one face at a time!” - Liza Rivera Salta

I always loved the saying "Follow your bliss." It sums up my career choices which have not always been the easiest but certainly the most fulfilling. I use my international business and finance background to give back to my community and work in the entertainment industry including: music, video games, acting, developing any iPhone app and being an executive producer for the Dance It Out television show on Lifetime. I am now committed to sharing Face Factor® to offer much needed human connection and enjoyment: hopefully coming to a face near you!

To learn more or receive a complimentary copy of Face Factor® please contact us at admin@facefactorgame.comThanks for your time and consideration.

A Most Sincere Face,


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